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Thi Dinh Sound


Thi Dinh is a professional location sound mixer. Graduated top class from California State University of Northridge Film Option. We are high-quality location sound mixing company based in Santa Clarita, California. We have (and will) traveled the world to provide the best in location sound mixing needs for news productions, documentary films, feature film, independent films, commercial, television, and corporate productions.


"Thi is a former student of mine and has begun freelancing as a sound mixer since recently graduating CSUN. Thi was one of my best students over the years, and cannot be recommended highly enough! Check out his website. Thi has my sincere endorsement and and vote of confidence. Hire him!!!!"

Fred Ginsburg C.A.S


Equipment Rental

ENG/Short Film Package:

  • Recorder: 10 tracks with timecode
  • Shotgun mic: Sanken CS3e with blimp
  • Boom Pole: Ktek
  • Shock mount: Cinela Osix 8
  • Wireless lavs: (2) Sennheiser G3


  • Recorder: 10 tracks with timecode
  • Mixer: Mackie 1402, iPad
  • Shotgun Mic: AT4041, AT4071L, CS1e, CS3e
  • Shock mount: Cinela Osix 8, Rycote invision, AT8415
  • Boom Pole: Ktek 12', Ktek 8'
  • Wireless system: (2) Sennheiser G3, (4) Sony UWP, plug-on transmitter
  • Lavalier: (2) Sanken COS-11D
  • Sound Cart
  • Slate: Denecke TS-3
  • IFB/Camera hop: (3) Comtek
  • MISC: Boom Box

Feature/Commercial Package:

  • Recorder: Sound Devices 688
  • Mixer: CL-12, Keyboard
  • Shotgun Mic: Schoeps Super CMIT 2U, Schoeps CMIT 5U, Schoeps CMC641
  • Shock mount: (2) Cinela Osix 
  • Boom Pole: Ambient 18', Ktek 12', Ktek 8'
  • Wireless system: Zaxcom High Density Wireless
  • Lavalier: Sanken COS-11D, DPA
  • Sound Cart
  • Power Distributor: PSC powerstar mini, (4) IDX Li-Ion NP1 with Charger 
  • Slate: Denecke TS-3
  • IFB/Camera hop: Zaxcom IFB200, (5) Zaxcom ERX3TCD
  • MISC: Boom box

Sample Videos